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Every election cycle, we interview, endorse, and take action to support women and other Democratic candidates who represent our values.

2016 Presidential General Election Endorsements

San Jose City Council
District 2  l  Sergio Jimenez
District 6  l  Helen Chapman
District 8  l   Sylvia Arenas

Santa Clara City Council
Seat 3  l  Debi Davis
Seat 4  l  Patricia Mahan
Seat 6  l  Kathy Watanabe
Seat 7  l  Dual Endorsement  l  Teresa O'Neil & Ahmad Rafah
Clerk  l  Rod Diridon, Jr.

Palo Alto City Council
Liz Kniss  l  Greg Tanaka  l  Adrian Fine

Sunnyvale City Council
Nancy Smith

Town of Morgan Hill
Rene Spring  l  Larry Carr

City of Milpitas
Mayor  l  Carmen Montano

City of Mt. View
Margaret Abe-Koga  l  Lisa Matichak  l  Lucas Ramirez  l  Thida Cornes  l  Chris Clark

Tracy City Council
Rhodesia Ransom
State Assembly
District 30  l   Dual for Karina Cervantez Alejo and Anna Caballero
District 29  l  Mark Stone
District 28  l  Evan Low
District 27  l   Ash Kalra
District 25  l  Kansen Chu
District 24  l   Vicki Veenker
State Senate
District 17  l  Bill Monning
District 15  l  Jim Beall
US Congress
District 17  l  Mike Honda
District 18  l  Anna Eshoo
District 19  l  Zoe Lofgren
District 20  l  Jimmy Panetta

Education Boards
Santa Clara County Board of Education  l  Rosemary Kamei
San Jose Unified School District  l  Dual Endorsement  l  Pam Foley & Olivia Navarro
East Side Union High School District  l  Dual Endorsement  l  Pattie Cortese & Lorena Chavez
Santa Clara Unified School District  l  Anna Welsh
Cupertino Unified School District  l  Jo Lucey
Palo Alto School Board  l  Jennifer DiBrienza

Community College
West Valley-Mission Community College District 4  l   Randi Kinman
San Jose-Evergreen Community College District 7  l  Mayra Cruz
Foothill – DeAnza Community College District  (Vote for 3)  
Patrick Ahrens  l  Gilbert Wong  l  Laura Casas

Measure A  l  Support
Measure B  l  Support


If you are a candidate, and would like more information about DAWN's endorsement process, please feel free to email our Vice President of Endorsements.


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